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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Can you believe it? I don't really know what to talk about! If you want to hear it, I'll ramble about my day yesterday. If you don't want to hear it, stop reading now.

Took my youngest to the doctor - he had to get shots, which wasn't fun. Then we went to Target and spent too much money, and I bought the new Plum Sykes book The Debutante Divorcee (her 1st novel Bergdorf Blondes was pretty funny), so that was cool.

Then I let the kids play outside but baby boy was tired from lack of real nap and shots, so we went inside and they watched a new movie, some crazy Barbie movie that creeps me out. The animation is weird, I can't put my finger on it, but it's creepy.

Read my latest copy of The Romantic Times Bookclub magazine. I like to read the reviews, especially the bad ones. Not because I get a thrill out of someone getting a bad review (cos I don't - if that happened to me I would be devastated) but cos I like to see what the reviewer found wrong w/ the story. "Lack of plot," "no chemistry," "hated the heroine," etc. helps me see what they're looking for. Of course, every reviewer is different but still. Plus, I like to see what's out there, the creative plots, the fun titles. The titles of these books are so great! Makes me want to read them just because of that.

Put baby boy to bed by 5:30 (wow!) and had dinner with daughter. Then she took a half hour shower (I had to force her out - she's 3 and a shower hog) and her daddy made it home before she went to bed so she was thrilled.

Watched a little TV, wrote about 1,000 words and was in bed by 10:30. Also caught a mouse. I live in the country, our house is only 5 years old, but already the mice have found holes and they sneak in, esp when it's cold. My husband noticed the cats hanging out around the refrigerator so I set out a sticky trap and in a couple of hours - caught! My cats are worthless. They'll kill everything outside but rarely inside. Losers.

And that's it. Isn't that exciting? Not going anywhere today so it ought to be a VERY exciting day.

By the way, I had to email Mills & Boon about my NOT receiving the April Mod X's and they had to resend them out to me. So now I wait again. Isn't that depressing? Come May 1st I'm ordering the May & June together so I'll have 4 more coming to me. Yipee!!

Ok, so I rambled. Sorry. Maybe I"ll have something more profound to say next time. Adios!