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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm Back

So...vacationing with two small children is not much fun. Actually, my daughter, whose 3, was fine. She was so glad to be spending time with her grandma, loved holding her new cousin, generally had a great time. My 12 year old got a little bored, but had a great time with his uncle (his idol) and got some new stuff. My 18 month old - did NOT have a good time. At all. Missed his routine, his house, his naps, his bed. Very, very difficult. You should have seen the smile on his face when we came home! He smiled all night long. Poor guy. Change is hard.

I haven't written a word in - ssh, don't tell - five days!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I really need to get cracking. I brought my laptop but never cracked it open. Just never got around to it. So this week, I need to write. A lot. I've missed my characters. They've been talking to me the last couple of days, asking me when am I going to get back at it. I told them to hold their horses, give me some time. But they're getting really impatient. They remind me of my children.

So have any of you paused on the writing 'cos of life and then felt guilty? Had your characters talking to you, making you feel even more guilty? I'm pretty sure you all have...