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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Do any of you start organizing and tossing stuff during this time of year? I do. Right after Christmas (when you have all that shiny new stuff and you want to get rid of the dull old stuff) and Spring time is when I get organizational fever.

Went to Costco yesterday and bought some cool drawer organizers. Cleaned out the TWO (that's right, two!) junk drawers and put in these little organizer-thingys. It looks much better now. Bought new office stuff at Target for my desk (such pretty bright colors and subtle flower backgrounds!) to organize that sucker. What a wasteland it's been pretty much since I've lived here, which is going on five years. A total dumping ground is more like it. Since it's my year to get super serious (I sound like a teenager) about writing, I figured I needed to get super serious about keeping my desk in working order.

So now it looks great but here's the funny thing. I've been writing solely on my ol' laptop, which means I'm either writing with it literally in my lap in bed or at the dining room table, so I can keep track of munchkins during the day. And my Alphasmart is coming soon which means I can write outside if I want, (battery in ol' laptop doesn't work) while watching munchkins run around.

Why the clean desk with the pretty new stuff then? I don't know, but it sure looks good!

PS ~ Julie, I still don't have my Mod X's and it's been ONE MONTH since I ordered them! How about you? I'm crying right now, so sad that I don't have them...