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Monday, March 27, 2006

Gee Whiz

It has been nothing but pure craziness at my house this weekend. My two little ones were nuts, my parents probably think I have no control of them (I swear they don't act like this when it's just us), and my husband looked like he wished he would've stayed away (he just came home after 2 weeks gone for work).

Besides the fact I still need to edit my cp's ms for Everlasting (she was a winner in the contest!), and I haven't written a single word since Wednesday night.

On a bright note I know my oldest had a great birthday, my dad is coming back in a week to start working on outside projects (whoo hoo!) and my Alphasmart should be here soon. Hopefully. Please. And by the way, where are my Mod X books I ordered? Nearly a month ago? I'm dying here - I want to read them!! Of course, once I start reading, then I won't write, so hmmm...need to finish the critique first and foremost. Oh! And I've barely been on the internet, which proves...I can live without it! So take that, Internet!

I think I've lost my mind.