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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gotta Get a Move On

Fancied up my blog page this morning. Added some links (I hope the bloggers don't mind - I'd love to have a link on someone else's page!), added one of those meters to inspire or depress me, came up w/ a goofy working title. What fun. Soon I think I'll get a website. I keep reading how both published and aspiring authors need one. As long as it doesn't cost too much and is easy to maintain, eventually I'm in.

So I wrote four pages last night. Not bad. Forgot to do the timer thing. Duh! Think I'm going to do that tonight. But now I'm extra excited 'cos I bought something last night. . .

I bought an Alphasmart!! Whoo-hoo! Husband was feeling generous and said go for it, and I got the basic model for $139 (w/ shipping & everything closer to $170). I'm so excited. My post from yesterday kept bothering me. I DO waste too much time on the internet. With an Alphasmart, I can take it anywhere, and no internet access. Just plug it in to my computer and transfer over my work. I'm sure this will help cut back my internet time, and hopefully up my writing time.

So does anybody else have an Alphasmart? Do you love it, like it, hate it??? Let me know.