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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm Sad...

What a week. Last night went out w/ husband & friends up to local casino for dinner and a little gambling (I don't partake too much so it's ok) & it snowed - we're talking big time snow. We're talking close the roads down snow, cars wrecked on the side of the road snow. It was crazy, but beautiful. Not as much snow at my house (I'm 1000 ft lower than the casino), but this morning had a 10 minute hail shower that looked like snow. Weather is bizarre...

But I'm not sad about the snow. I'm sad cos my cat is missing. Cheetah is an awesome cat, but he hasn't been home for nearly 48 hrs. I'm thinkin' he's a goner. Which depresses me cos he was so cool. Good hunter, sweet, good w/ the kids. Just an all-around great cat. So I'm in mourning. I guess I should wear black.

I can hope he's coming back, but I doubt it. Just minutes ago a bobcat was out walking around the pool fence. He was sooo close - & it clicked in my mind that maybe that's the way Cheetah went. Sucks. I ran right out there and shooed him away, which usually doesn't work (I always say they would flip us off if they could) but he ran like the devil was chasing him. I guess that shows how pissed I was.

Ok, it's hailing again. Big time. This weather is freaky.

Gotta go. I just needed to get my sadness off my chest.