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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I waste way too much time on the internet. It's bad, like an addiction. Like, when I could be writing, I'm fiddlin' around surfin' the 'net. Sometimes I try to chalk it up to research. Yeah, right...checking out the new spring stuff at Old Navy is research. Reading other writers' blogs is research (well, kinda!). Checking my email all the time is research.

I need to face facts that most of my time spent on the internet is a waste of my time. I'm just fooling around when I should be doing something. Like writing. I don't count my time here blogging - it only takes a few minutes and I feel a little glimmer of satisfaction when I'm done. It's not like many people are reading my blog, but that's ok. It's a way for me to drone on about life.

Ok, I really do have some research to do, and then I'm going to *hopefully* get a little bit of writing in this afternoon. We'll see - awake and active children can put a damper on that sometimes. And if I don't get much writing done, then tonight I'm going to try the timer trick I read about on Julie Cohen's blog and see if that helps.

By the way, potty training has been a great success. She's had a few minor accidents, but for the most part, she's trained! Let's just hope she can keep it up. Wish us luck.