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Monday, March 20, 2006

Successes & A Deadline

First I must say how proud I am of my daughter. Yesterday was tough - but she wore (multiple pairs of) underwear all day. When I put her diaper on to wear for sleeping, she literally danced around the living room singing "I love my diaper." Oh boy.

But today is a brand new day, and she's done wonderful. One accident in the morning, and that's it. Successful going in the potty all day (so far). Including a "number two" incident she took upon herself to take care of. I know accidents are bound to happen, but I'm thrilled. And my husband will be thrilled too. This potty training boot camp is tough stuff but the rewards are numerous, let me tell you.

On to the writing life. I've decided to implement a self-imposed deadline. I would like to have it finished by April 30th. That's approximately six weeks, and I know I can do it. Once I come up with a title for the damn thing, I'll post one of those counting meters I see all over everyone's blogs. Maybe it'll inspire me.

Am I the only one who sucks at titles? I'm terrible! Not creative with it whatsoever. Maybe I need to ask the critique partner. . .