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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Curse the Meter

I knew I shouldn't have put one of those little word count meter thingys on my blog page.

Now it just teases me and taunts me when it stands idle for a few days. Oops, more like almost a week.

It glares and asks in an all knowing tone, "When you gonna write something so I can advance the color a little bit, up the percentage some more?" And I just grumble at it, "Gimme a minute. Gotta do something else first."

Not that I mind what I've been doing. I just finished reading/editing the 272 page ms my cp is sending in to Everlasting. What a good story. Great characters, unique way she put it together. Loved it. But because my weekend was shot to hell and I've spent the last couple of days reading, I haven't got any writing in.

Hence the evil meter.

Guess I need to show that meter who wears the pants around here. Give it something to do.

Like advance.