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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Have a Girl-Crush on my Heroine

Since I talked about my hero yesterday, I thought I'd talk about my heroine today...

She's gone on a long journey to get where she is, and she's not particularly happy with the journey she made. She feels like she followed the roadmap her mother laid out for her, rather than her own. And so at the beginning of this story, she's finally put her foot down and done something for herself. Without worrying about other people's opinions or the consequences of her actions. Which, of course, puts her in a situation that she's not too happy about at first, but c'mon, she's with my delicious hero so she can't complain too loudly, right?

Well, she does. Even though she's attracted to him, he makes her a little nuts. She's just as stubborn as he is, though, and they certainly give each other a run for their money.

I like the fact that she says what we all want to say, that she's not going to let anyone bring her down anymore, and that she wants to better herself. And even with all of this big talk of independence and being strong, she still has a soft side, a vulnerable side that she can't help but show to the hero. And when he sees it, it softens him, and allows him to show his vulnerable side as well. But as soon as these two realize their guards are down they're all about putting them back up again as fast as they can.

What a bunch of dolts.

But eventually they're gonna figure this thing out and live happily ever after. And I've been writing furiously to get to that point, feeling both ready to enjoy it and sad that it's going to have to end. These two are taking me on a fun ride!

I hope someday they can take everybody else on a fun ride too!