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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm in Love with my Hero

Sigh...he's dreamy. And a little tortured. And he doesn't trust women. And he's been hurt by his family, which makes him mad. And it also hurts his feelings. And he doesn't trust my heroine - he just lumps her in with all of the rest, and on the surface, it looks as if she's like all the rest. But of course she's really not.

I fall for all of my heroes. It's easy, since I'm creating the dream man. I can mold and tweak him just how I want until he turns into the perfect hero. Not that he's perfect, because if he was, how uninteresting would that be? No, my current hero is stubborn, a little bossy, a lot controlling. He just doesn't get why he has all of these crazy feelings for the heroine. It confuses him, which is so great.

And did I mention how handsome he is? He's hot, dark haired and dark eyes. Smoldering eyes. And a smile with dimples that slays the heroine every time he flashes it, which is not often enough for her taste.

I'll be sad when I'm done with these two, because they are by far my favorites. Anybody else feel that way? Anybody else fall in love with their heroes? I know you're out there!