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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Too Much Writing

I know, I know it sounds ridiculous, but I've done it. I've wrote too much.

I went on a bender yesterday. Just wrote like a fool. Wanted to push over the 30,000 mark so I could think "I'm half way done." And I did it. I not only pushed past 30,000, I made it all the way to 32 plus. I should be thrilled, especially because I'm going out of town for the weekend and won't get a chance to write at all.

And yeah, I'm thrilled, but I'm also tired. At one in the morning I had two kids sitting on my bed, wide awake. One of them crying for Daddy (he's out of town for work) and one just happy to be bouncing on my bed. I wasn't too thrilled about all of this.

Besides, my carpal tunnel is hurtin' like nobody's business. All those years of working in a office, typing away like a mad woman did damage to my wrists, and right now they're killing me. Ibuprofin has become my best friend. No fun.

So I'm thinking maybe this little vacation to go visit family and finally meet my new niece is necessary. I need to relax and more than anything, I need to rest my wrists. Especially my left one (I'm a lefty) - it hurts!

Ok, enough of my whining. Anybody else get aches and pains when they write? All hunched over your desk, laptop, whatever? I can imagine all the ailments. Fill me in on yours! Let's moan and complain together.