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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blog Addiction

Yep, got a bad case. Not necessarily of my own blog. I like blogging, I find I blog about 5 days a week but it really doesn't take long to do it. It's fun, and a way for me to write and share w/ my friends, mostly my writer friends.

Nope, I'm talking about blog cruising. Just recently I've started doing it A LOT.

I'm all over the damn place. Now, the blogs I'm cruising are mostly writer-types. Favorite authors ('oh, she's got one too??? Yea!' is my normal reaction), new authors, author/friends, aspiring authors, aspiring author friends, romance group blogs -- the list goes on and on.

I read a lot of great stuff on them. Funny bits, pics of hot dudes, advice, great discussions, things that make me think...and sometimes struggles, heartbreak, frustration. All things I can relate to at one point or another.

Anybody else out there blog cruisers? Care to share any favorites? I have a lot of them I read (and I need to create more links to them on my page) but a particular favorite right now is Jill Shalvis (I have her link in the list) - she is hilarious. She can take a family situation and make it sooo funny. And she writes a pretty good book too.

So share your favorite blogs! I would love to hear about them.