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Monday, April 17, 2006

A Brand New Day

That's what I'm telling myself. I need to get motivated. I've let every possible distraction distract me. I need to stop. I did some edits on the first two chapters Saturday night, but other than that, I've written nada. Zip. Zilch. I need to get a move on!

My Easter was nice, though it rained. Luckily enough, we did the egg hunt for the kids before the rain started. My husband's family came and we had good food and good conversation. The kids had a great time and were on a complete sugar high. And that evening my husband and I had a good night bonding over a television show.

He's a manager at an RV dealership, and there's this new show on A&E called "King of Cars." Well, even though it deals w/ cars vs. RVs, it's still a dealership and what they show is so like where my husband works (and where I used to work), it's interesting. A lot more enthusiasm on the TV show. Which my husband finds inspiring. Now, just to let everyone know, my husband isn't some cheesy salesman (though they're down there, let me tell ya), but he's really good at his job. But sometimes he gets discouraged, like we all do, and he needs a little inspiration. I'm glad to see he's getting it from the King of Cars.

Ok, I totally diverted but that's all right. I'm allowed to ramble. I'm in a rambling mood, I guess. I have to admit, it's still early and I snuck a few pieces of Easter candy. Maybe I'm on a sugar high.

Think it'll help me write? Wouldn't that be nice!