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Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm Stuck

Oh, gosh, I am so so stuck. And it's so so annoying. (And by the way it's raining so so hard but that's beside the point).

Anyway, I've stalled on my wip. And it irritates me. My husband was watching the kids and I thought "Ok, I'll write, I haven't written in --don't want to mention how many-- days." Didn't happen. I did do some research, very helpful research regarding my hero, his profession, a last name for him (can you believe I didn't have a last name for him???). Glad it's done, it needed to be done.

So I thought that might inspire me a little bit, make me want to get back at it.

Didn't happen.

I decided to blog about it instead. Here I am, stumped. I think I'm gonna go watch America's Next Top Model on the TiVo. Maybe that will inspire me. Yeah right!

Everyone have a good Easter!