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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Adventures in Shopping

So my friend and I head out to shop last night. First stop - Toys R Us. We're drving in her Excursion, all is good. Then I notice a weird noise. Then an even weirder noise happens. Then a lady rolls down her window and tells us something is dragging on the road and it's sparking. Great.

We pull into the Lowe's parking lot. Call my friend's sister in law's boyfriend, who just did some work on the SUV. He tells us, "don't drive it. I'll be there in...three hours!" Our husbands are at my house with the kids so we didn't want them dragging the kids with them to get us. Sooooo....

We walked our asses off! A couple of blocks down the street was Toys R Us. We brought the cart back over to the car to drop off what we bought when we were finished. We felt like hobos!

Same deal with Target. Ran across the street (a very very busy street I might add) and shopped hard core. A bunch of dudes were camped out in front of the store, waiting for the PS3 to come out. It doesn't come out til Friday morning! This was Wednesday night! One of the Target employees said they'd been there since Tuesday. That's nuts.

The boyfriend finally came to rescue us. He fixed the car, no prob. Thank goodness. My Christmas shopping for the little ones is pretty much finished. Yay! But what a night!

Don't forget to stop by The Story Board (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Story_Board_/)today for ebook reader appreciation day! The place is on fire with excerpts and contests - all for readers to enjoy and win!! Yay!