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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh My Gosh

I have nothing to say! Because nothing exciting has happened to me in the past couple of days...sigh.

Keeping up on word for my crazy NaNo project, yep. Did I write that blush-worthy scene? Yes indeedy. Plowed right through it thinking the whole time, "My mother CANNOT read this!" She'd probably think I've done something like this. Which I haven't!! I swear!

The temperature has finally plunged and it's downright cold this morning. I'm sorry but I'm sick of the 80 degree days. Bring on the cold weather Mother Nature! Give us some rain! We need it!

Went to lunch at Chili's yesterday with my nutty children and my loving husband. My children are nuts - they feed off each other which only makes them nuttier. Thankfully, Chili's is very loud so all their carrying on went pretty much unnoticed. I think.

OH! My son fell in the pool last night! My husband was cleaning up around it, watering trees and our son was w/ him. One minute he's standing close to the pool and the next my hubby hears a splash. He'd fallen right in! And my husband dived right in to save his little life.

So I had two soaked cold men on my back porch. Glad I missed the whole thing - I probably would've freaked out.

I guess I'm a liar cos that last bit is kind of exciting...

How's YOUR week been? NaNo'ing coming along, hmmmmm?