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Friday, November 03, 2006

Makin' Progress

So NaNo is going swimmingly, which surprises me. I was so stressed out just thinking about NaNo a couple of days ago I thought I would be overwhelmed. Hell, I didn't even know what I was going to write!

So I took a cue from Shelli and looked back at some old stuff collecting dust on the hard drive. Most of it awful writing-wise but with some decent premises. So I dusted off one attempt, kept the characters, kept the basic premise. Also kept the first scene but completely rewrote it and just went from there.

And I like it! I like it so much I'm 4300 words in! Not bad for two days' work. Especially 'cos I'm finishing up my novella on the side. I'll be glad when that puppy is done and submitted.

Here's the weird thing. The NaNo counter I have a couple of posts down updates All By Itself. How does that happen? It's not 100% accurate but it's close. And the NaNo project is not the only thing I'm working on. Is it going to account for my novella writing as well? Freaky stuff.

If you're NaNo'ing, how's it going?