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Saturday, November 04, 2006

NaNo Update & a Hot Man Pic

Okay so the NaNo counter a couple of posts down is now officially off. I wrote like a fiend yesterday morning - as of right now I'm 6,846 words in. Whoo hoo! Glad I wrote in the morning too cos I received my edits for Fairies & Wishes so I worked on that yesterday evening.

I also went to a holiday open house where I ate good food and spent money on candles. Holiday candles - yum yum. It was fun. Chatted with friends and got away from my lovely children. I love my children but sometimes, you just need a break.

All right, I haven't posted a hot dude on here in a long time. My bad.

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Antonio Sabato Jr. when he did the Calvin Klein campaign! Sigh...posters of this man in his underwear in a dept store in Laguna Beach stopped me and my friend in our tracks when we were there one weekend many years ago. We wanted to steal one but figured it would've been too obvious...