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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No Writing & My Dear Friend

I didn't write a word yesterday. And that's okay! I gotta admit, it felt good. Relaxing, no pressure.

I pressured myself in different ways instead. Yep, I went to the ritzy part of town and did a little Xmas shopping. Williams Sonoma was making a full on Thanksgiving feast! It smelled so good. We were a little early so me and the little one had some pumpkin cookies. Delicious...

Looked over magazines and stuff, figuring out what the heck I'm gonna make for Thanksgiving dinner. It's in a week! Aaah! That freaks me out a little.

Then my dearest friend called me last night. We've known each other since we were 11. We share a long and silly history. We have this way of talking where we revert to sounding like we did when we were teenagers. Lots of giggling and funny things said.

Oh, wait, and we also bring on the bad language. We sound like pissed off sailors. It's so much fun! We got stuck on saying, "sucks c*@k." Yeah we kept repeating that one, drawing out the last word. Heh, heh. I love my bestest friend. Too bad she doesn't live closer to me.

So any of you ready for Thanksgiving? How's the writing going? Have a good friend who trash talks with you? Tell me all about it.