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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Done Whining

I feel like I've been whining like a big baby lately. My little baby has been particularly whiny these last few days so maybe he's rubbing off on me. Well, I'm done with it. Let's talk about something fun!

It's a beautiful day here. Sunny and very warm (ok, hot), and my husband's day off. So we took the kids to the pool and let them splash around, then got in ourselves. It felt good to be out there, a bit cold at first, but fun. I'm so glad we put the pool in (had it built in 04), cos with the kids and my husband's crazy work schedule, we don't get much chance to go on vacation. That pool is our vacation. For a few years to come, at least.

Which makes me think of the smells of summer. Freshly cut grass, bbq grill burning, sunscreen/suntan lotion . . . all of those scents scream summer to me. And make me feel good. Now ask me in August how I feel about summer and I'll gripe at ya about the heat, but right now it feels good.

So what time of year makes YOU feel good? And what scents remind you of summer? Share with me people!