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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Title? What title?

I'm taking a shower this morning, getting some good thinking time in. Do a lot of you think in the shower? I can come up with some great stuff about my characters, etc. while in the shower and driving. Maybe not a good thing when I'm driving, since I'm supposed to be paying attention to the road...

Anyway, I'm coming up with some decent stuff in my head for the synopsis, after much reading of the Evil Editor's blog this morning inspired me (I have his link under the blogs I read, if you haven't checked him out yet). I suddenly realize, I don't have a title for the story I want to pitch to Blaze.

Crap! I need a title. I'm terrible at titles. I don't know what to call it at all. Maybe I should come up with some ideas like Julie and take a poll. But first I have to come up with ideas.

Double crap!

Let me think of this and maybe I'll do that voting poll.

Anybody else have trouble with titles? Remember, I'm the one who called a book Question Mark! Ha ha ha ha ha