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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yeah Baby!

You won't believe this 'cos I can't believe it myself.

I was on myspace yesterday, minding my own business. Went into my friends list and saw that the inspiration for my hero, Kaysar from Big Brother, was online (yep, he's one of my "friends" but I've never talked to the dude. He's got like 4500 friends!). So I thought to myself, "Should I? Should I send him a message and tell him he's the model for my hero? Huh huh huh?"

Well, I did. I sent him a rather mysterious message saying he would die of embarrassment of what he inspired me to do, but I wouldn't tell him what it was.

He responded back immediately, asking me to tell him.

I couldn't believe it. Mr. Reality TV Star responde to little ol' me? Miss Wannabe Author who's writing a "dirty" novel with him in mind? No way! I figured he would ignore my message. The guy probably gets a bazillion dumb messages a day (he has a huge fan base - the ladies love him).

So I told him. I told him I'm an aspiring author, I'm almost finished with a book and he's the inspiration behind the hero.

And this is what he wrote back this morning:

"Thats awesome. Thanks for sharing. You made my day!!!! I hope your story gets published because I want a copy. "

Isn't that just the coolest? I wrote him back telling him he made MY day. Which he did.

On a side note, my day was made brighter yesterday by the fact that I also finally received my April copies of the Modern Extra books and my Alphasmart finally came in! That thing is so light - and so cool! Once I'm finished with my current wip, I'm going to work on the next one and use the Alpha (yes, I already have another story idea brewing!).