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Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Fellow Duranies...

All the talk of Duran Duran has made me nostalgic. I loved those dudes! I was gonna marry Roger Taylor (the drummer). I even wrote about it in one of my early, wonderful, lovely novels (changed my name to something more exotic, though). Wrote those "novels" in school notebooks, and in the 9th grade it literally got passed around the whole school. I had people I didn't even know (female Duran fans of course) coming up to me and telling me how good it was. HAH! Those things were total crap.

The title of said novel (spread out in multiple notebooks - I didn't know how to make a story end back then cos I didn't want to!)? Um, it was: ? Otherwise known as Question Mark. Which goes to show I wasn't any good at titles then, and I'm not much better now!

Anyway, I bought all the magazines, albums (vinyl back then baby, and including the special imported remixes), books - everything. Even went and saw them live in Feb. of 84, Power Station in July of 85 (with John and Andy Taylor), and Duran Duran again in summer of 93. I wanted to see them last year but the seats sucked and the tickets were like $70! My friend and I (she's a former Duranie too - she wanted to marry Nick Rhodes - I think she liked his makeup) decided against it. We were fans but not that big of fans ~ anymore.

Wanna hear something weird? First marriage was to a drummer. Second marriage, my husband shares a birthday with . . . Roger Taylor! I AM not KIDDING! So I think I was always searching for Roger, I just didn't know it.

By the way, I have a lot of their music on my iPod, and I'm not ashamed to say it.

Here's a new pic of them by the way. John looks bad! Everybody else looks ok . . .

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