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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gettin' Sexy to Write Sexy

I'm at Target yesterday and I found all of these cute bras. Bright colors w/ contrasting lace, they looked like pieces of candy. I had a hard time picking out which ones I wanted (cos the minute I saw them I knew I had to have at least one), so I bought two. Took them home, tried one on and it fit really comfortably, yet was pretty.

Why am I talking about bra buying at Target? Because after I took that bra off and stared at it lying on my bed, I realized that dressing sexy, or wearing sexy underwear can make you feel sexy, hence write sexy.

Well, duh! You're all thinking. And I'm kinda thinking that right now too. I'm no sex fiend trollop (though I write like one) who dresses like a tramp (I'm a stay at home mom - I wear sweats and t-shirts!), but I'm telling you, those bras put me in a different mind set for the rest of the day. And I wasn't even wearing one of them!

So now I'm going to go take a shower and I'm wearing one of those bras today. My characters better watch out, cos I'll probably end up putting them in compromising positions all day long.