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Monday, May 08, 2006

Cosmo Saved My First Chapter

I rewrote the first chapter on my Blaze. Thought it was decent, changed the storyline a bit, gave my H/h a situation where they had to be together A LOT. I was pleased.

Then I was eating lunch on Saturday and reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan I picked up at the store. Now listen. I'm not a Cosmo girl anymore. I'm a mid-30s housewife with three kids and a mortgage. But I buy the mag cos it helps me get into the single girl mindset. It gives me a little inspiration, ideas, and the sexual positions, oh my!

Anyway, so I'm reading the steamy confessions page (my favorite page - supposed real life situtaions that are naughty or funny or embarrassing - or a combination of all three) and one of them was about a woman who made out with her boyfriend in a closet while playing hide and seek with friends. When she told her boyfriend later that she enjoyed their make out session, he told her it wasn't him.


It got me thinking. What if my heroine got pushed into a closet while playing a silly game of hide and seek at a party and she realizes she's not alone. And she ends up kissing this guy, having the best kiss of her life, and he whispers her name. Which freaks her out cos she has no idea who it is, but assumes it's some jerk who somehow rigged it to get her in that closet. She's mad, she's humiliated and she runs out, not looking back to see who it really was.

But she can't get him out of her mind. Can't get that kiss out of her mind. She starts thinking every guy she talks to could have been the kisser in the closet. And it drives her nuts.

Especially when the man she's closest to is the one who kissed her, but he doesn't confess. Yet.

Hah! So I wrote that chapter Saturday night and yesterday and I love it. Way more exciting intro to the entire story. Of course, it still needs a lot of work and I need to get back to it but I had to share my excitement.

Anybody else had a break through this weekend? Or at any time in your writing process that changed the tone, etc. of your story? Share!