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Friday, October 20, 2006


...I've decided that I'm going to host a block party at my house next week and y'all are invited. Corset wearing optional (see post and comments below). Big burly men watching seems to be a favorite of my blog visitors so hence the invite, lol. Maybe if you're lucky I can spy and sneak around and snap a few pictures. Men in hardhats on big tractors who fill out their jeans? I know you want it!

On another note I have been writing like a crazy fool! Yes, the 11 page golden nugget I found Sunday night has turned into a 51 page soon-to-be novella that's going places. I'm so excited. I love my characters.

My hero is an alpha - I've never really written an alpha so I find him pretty sexy - and totally difficult. He's got everything so under control and the heroine really throws him for a loop. I mean a serious, forever life changing loop. And he offers to do the right thing, grudgingly. Doesn't understand his feelings towards her so he shoves them deep inside. That way, he doesn't have to deal with them.

He makes my poor heroine nuts. But that's okay, he's supposed to. I think I need to go back and reread that Alpha male workshop Kate Walker hosted at Harlequin a few weeks ago. I'd link it but Blogger is acting like a b*@ch so sorry. I'll be lucky to get this posted.

Halloween is getting closer - and so is the release of my book:

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