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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Big Burly Men

Yeah, I've got big burly men hanging out on my road. Which says a lot because I live on a sparsley populated dirt road in the middle of no where.

These guys work for our local telephone company, and they're putting in big fat red and blue cables. For what I don't know but I'm assuming they're new lines of some sort. Maybe it'll make the service better (I have country phone, is what I call it - I'm surprised we don't have party lines - and I don't mean 900 call party lines), though it'll probably really mean we'll have to pay more money for said service.

Back to the big burly men. Now trust me, not all of them are big and burly. There's a nice variety out there. Even a few that are rather attractive. Let's just say they fill out their jeans quite nicely.

So they're up the road right now, been on our road all week. I'm sure they'll be here next week too - and soon they'll be directly across the road from me where I can spy on them through my blinds.

I have problems. :-)~