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Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm stumped. I don't know what to blog about.

I had an uneventual weekend. Actually, that's a lie. I went to the mall with the kids yesterday and spent money. Had a good time, too. Man, that mall was packed. All of the stores are already gearing up for the holidays. Crazy! I used to work retail - I did the retail thing for five years. And even though it drove me crazy, when I get in a store and see all the displays, smell the clothes and perfume, etc. I miss it.

Yeah, sometimes I actually miss working retail. I haven't done that in 10 years! But I always said I could write a book with all the crazy experiences I had during my retail years. Maybe I will. It'll have to be a book of antecdotes (did I spell that right?), though, cos it's those little things the customers do that count.

Okay, look, I thought I had nothing to say and I ended up talking about something. Maybe it wasn't very interesting but at least it was something...

Any lame job of your younger years that you had - do you miss it? Or thank your lucky stars you don't have to deal with it anymore? Share! :)