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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Me

It's my wedding anniversary today. My husband and I have been married for five years. We were married on Makena Beach in Maui - such a beautiful spot. And what a way to get married! Avoided all of the big wedding stuff and just took off with a few friends and family and got hitched.

It was right after 9/11 so I was a little apprehensive to get on the plane. And all of the mags on the plane were Newsweek and Time with all of the 9/11 stories. I started reading them, began to cry and immediately put them away. I didn't want to be upset - I was goin' to get married! And I didn't want to freak myself out on the plane either.

So fast forward five years later and there's no chance in hell we're going to Maui any time soon. What a bummer. But our life is too hectic with the kids and we can't really afford it right now either. Oh well...

I just want to say I feel very lucky to have my husband in my life. He's a thoughtful man, a wonderful father and a supportive husband. We have our moments, our marriage isn't perfect but what marriage is? It takes work to make a marriage and we work hard to keep it going.

Here's hoping to many more years to come.

P.S. - I'll share pics of our trip in my next post. I uploaded them on the other computer and haven't got to them yet. My bad.