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Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Can't Write!

Help me! I'm stuck in a hotel room with my two kids and I can't write! Aaah!

Actually, I could write at night after everyone is asleep but I'm so dang tired I just pass out. And then the crazy day starts all over again. Yikes.

Living in a hotel is not glamorous. I miss my stuff. I miss my cats. I miss my bed. I miss my satellite tv with the guide, Tivo, etc. My kids are going nuts, though they are behaving better than I thought they would.

On a side note I met Jenna yesterday. Yep, the infamous Jenna Bayley-Burke. We didn't really get to talk cos we were at a Children's Museum and it was a tad chaotic but it was cool to meet her in person. I appreciate her meeting up with me and taking me and the kids to the museum. My kids had a blast.

So maybe I'll get to write next week when we drive back down the coast towards home. Though I doubt it. At least I have internet. I'd be dying if I didn't. I'm such a slave to this laptop it's not even funny. Pitiful.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT week!