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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back from Houston

So yeah, I'm back and I believe I feel fully recovered. What a crazy time! I met some wonderful people, had more than a few good drinks and saw some crazy costumes! RT is definitely an experience, lemme tell ya.

I stole these pics from other people - some of my favorites. I took a few myself but I still need to load them onto the laptop! I'm so lame.

R.G. Alexander, me and Eden Bradley

Kate Douglas, Lena Austin, R.G., Feisty and me

In bed with Eden Bradley. Aren't you jealous? You should be!

Me and Feist as fairies. We're cute. She did my hair.

Eden Bradley, Kristen Painter and Feisty all about to feed on me. A bunch of Diva Vamps! Scary!

R.G., Jax Crane, Eden, Feisty and me at the Moulin Rogue night. I now have these pics out of order. This was the first night's party. My bad.