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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mad Shopping

So I took my oldest son out shopping Saturday for his birthday. Actually his birthday is today but you know, he's in school in all...

Anywho, he wanted a digital camera. He's always hogging ours and driving us crazy so his grandmas gave him money and we gave him money - and he got a super cool camera.

It's so super cool now I want it! It's tiny, it's a Sony, and it's 7.1 megapixels. It takes the best pictures! He's really been into photography lately so he went outside all weekend and took tons of photos. They turned out great. Mom is green with jealousy - she wants that camera.

Cos he's nice we also went to Pottery Barn, where I could've bought out the entire store for my house. They had so much beautiful stuff! I love to shop, it's an addiction, I know it and I get caught up in the frenzy. My brain starts overloading as I think, "I want that, that, that, THAT!" It's ridiculous.

So tell me - you like shopping or no? Live for it, love it or find it a complete pain in the butt?