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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Trying Something New

So...I'm working on a novella that is more sensual than anything (though it's still pretty hot - heh heh heh). A little more descriptive, mysterious setting, recluse hero. Yeah, it's totally different than anything I've ever written.

No funny bits whatsoever. I've written a few that are going to be published that aren't funny (Spontaneous at Samhain, Covet at Amber Quill) but this one is my darkest yet. The hero is tormented, the heroine is a spoiled brat. He'll make her appreciate the small things in life and she'll bring him out of his self-imposed prison.

Wow, sounds pretty intense huh? Now I just gotta finish the thing! I gave up on it a few weeks ago, worked on a revision and some other stuff but last night I started to have at it again. We'll see how it works out.

I'm wondering if any of you are stretching your wings and trying something new this year? I feel doing this pushes me as a writer, which is a good thing.