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Friday, March 23, 2007

Spontaneous Cover!

I received this cover in my inbox a few minutes ago. Doesn't it rock? The lovely Ann Cain did it - she's wonderful.

This book is a part of Samhain's Midsummer Night's Steam anthology, and Spontaneous will be released August 24th.

Here's the blurb:

Sophie Kincaid doesn’t want to be attracted to her boss but she is. Sick and tired of being used by men, she’s sworn off of them. But her hot and now slightly drunk boss just became too hard to resist.

His girlfriend dumped him and now Ian Grey is drowning his sorrows in alcohol, something he never does. Flirting with Sophie the sexy bartender inspires him to do even more things he’d never consider. Like have hot sex with her in the storage room.

They can’t deny their attraction for each other but Sophie’s afraid she doesn’t measure up. And what does Ian want from her anyway? She’ll have a naked good time figuring it out…