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Monday, April 02, 2007


So...I was a crazy mama treking her children all over Saturday and Sunday. I live in a "mountain community," which translates to, "neighbors who live far far away." My daughter had a birthday party to attend to so I drove her over to her friend's house Saturday afternoon.

After driving for almost thirty (!!) minutes we finally got there. Man! Then I went grocery shopping, turned around and went back to get her. Talk about a drive.

Then Sunday I went down into Fresno to see my friend's new house. Beautiful. Great neighborhood. Kids had a good time playing with her kids, though all four of them were whiny. Gotta love the two to four age group, huh?

Anyway, looking around her neighborhood, the proximity to everything made me wish for a moment that I lived in the city. In a nice neighborhood where it takes me five minutes to get to Starbucks, ten minutes to get to Target, etc. Where the kids could walk to school. Where they could walk to their friend's house to play (versus a thirt minute drive!).

But then I saw the neighbor's kid peeking through a hole in the fence spying on us, and the dog yapping in the other neighbor's yard. How we had to talk quietly so no one could hear us if we were talking about said neighbor, and how we had to shush the kids when they got too loud.

At my house you can talk loudly about anyone you want, they're not gonna hear you. And my kids can whoop and holler all day long, no one is going to get mad. Well, maybe except for me. Ha ha.

So I guess I'm not ready for city living. Yet.