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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Hermit Part 2

So I'm still a hermit. A hermit who was forced out of her shell on Sunday afternoon to go to the MALL. Oh good lord in heaven, save me now!

I promised my eldest I would take him. After all, I am the one who bought him a gift card to his favorite store for Christmas. So I loaded up the kids and off we went.

Well, as I'm sure many of you have heard in the news, it's freaking cold in CA. And people who don't want to hang out outside go to other places, like the MALL. It was so busy! Packed! I'm not one prone to anxiety but I swear to god I got anxious! Gimme out of there! Luckily enough, I survived but just barely.

I have good news. My Valentine story, His Valentine, will be released with Silk's Vault Publishing on February 10th, which so happens to be my birthday. Hurray! I used to always have a heart cake for my birthday and I loved them! Now I get a hot book release for my birthay - yahoo!

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