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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After Christmas

My house is in chaos. There are toys everywhere. My children are spoiled rotten! I thought I had reined it in from last year but somehow they ended up with even more toys than usual. Of course grandparents and aunt and uncles add to the bounty...

Overall it was a great holiday but I'll admit it - I'm glad it's over. I love Christmas, don't get me wrong. Sometimes, I'm very sad when it comes and goes. Kind of like a Christmas let down.

This year, I enjoyed myself but now it's done. Let's move on. There are things I need to do. Organize the house (all of this new stuff needs a place), I have two deadlines I need to meet (aaaahh!), and I need to help plan a wedding I'm going to be in - that's going to be a month from today. In my hometown. Talk about short amount of time...I'm feelin' for the bride, my best friend.

So yeah, I have a busy January coming up. I think my bro and his wife and baby are coming to visit too. And then February is birthday month for me and my baby girl. It's endless. I need a break.

How was YOUR Christmas?

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