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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just Call Me a Hermit

See that little guy? I feel like him right now - I've turned into a complete hermit.

All I want to do is stay home. Even taking a jaunt to my favorite spot in the whole wide world (Target anyone?) doesn't appeal. What's wrong with me?

I get this way sometimes. Don't want to deal with people, don't want to deal with taking the kids with me (a complete nightmare), don't want to deal with traffic. Just let me stay home with my kids and my cats and my internet and I'm fine, thank you very much.

I also believe this has something to do with Christmas after effects. All that shopping, all that running around wore me out, made me sick of it. I went to the grocery store yesterday - it was HELL. I told my oldest, "I just wanna go home!" I sounded like a little kid.

But I did find some super cool Valentine's coffee mugs at Starbucks (I have so many gift cards for there it's ridiculous) so that was good. Of course, our pipes are frozen and I don't have any water to make coffee so...waaaah.