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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I was in bed before 8:30 last night! I never go to bed that early! But I was exhausted - and I have a minor head cold that's annoying more than anything. I believe it drained me of all my energy though, so I took some Alka Selzer nighttime cold and cough medicine (this stuff is the bomb) and passed out.

It's now seven in the morning and I feel pretty good. It's briskly cold and frosty outside. Scooby's on TV (hence the post title). I'm getting my hair highlighted and cut today. Life's all right.

Hey a bunch of authors (including myself) will be over at Novelspotters this Saturday chatting up our December releases. Come visit us - we'll be giving away books and everything!

Check out Novelspotters by clicking the link below:


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More authors than what's listed will appear...it's gonna be a blast!