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Monday, June 19, 2006


I've been coming out of the closet.

The writing closet, that is. I figured since I just sold something, I need to start telling people so I can generate some buzz and get people to buy the dang thing.

I've been keeping my writing a secret. You tell people this stuff and then they constantly ask you about it. And when you have nothing to report, well, then it starts being difficult to deal with. Like you don't want to deal with their questions at all. So I just wouldn't tell anyone except for those closest to me.

So I've started telling people. Friends, family members. I never expected my first sale to be an erotic/romantic story, and that's been kind of tough to explain to people, to say the least. But most everyone has been really supportive, which is nice. I've had a few friends who were shocked, not real excited/supportive but that's okay. I kind of expected that.

Have any of you who are not published (yet - that's my positive vibe going on!) revealed your secret writing passion? Or even those who ARE published - are some of you still keeping it a secret? Share your experiences...