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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Almost Finished

I have to revamp the last chapter of my Blaze a bit and then I'm done.


Yep, I'm really done. Wow, that feels good to say. Of course, this is the first draft and I have a lot to still do to it, but it's over. I'm a little sad cos I love these two. But my brain is also so full of other ideas that are just dying to come out.

Which to me is a sign that the Blaze is really over. I get so wrapped up in a story, can only focus on it, it's all I think about. A tad ridiculous, but true. Now that it's pretty much done, my mind is wandering. I redid the first three chapters of my Modern Extra attempt yesterday, other ideas are flowing and I'm writing them down to save for later.

Sheesh, right now I feel like the well is endlessly full and won't dry up. Better latch onto all of these ideas and write them down before I forget. You know that well is going to dry up sooner or later, at least temporarily, and I'll be whining for an idea. Wondering what to do next.

Do any of you get so focused on your current wip that you can't think of anything else? Or are you constantly distracted by other story ideas? Just curious...