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Thursday, June 29, 2006


I live in the country and get lots of 'em. It sucks. Tonight I'm minding my own business at my computer not writing anything whatsoever and the biggest fly I've ever seen buzzed over and landed right on the corner of my monitor. Worked his little front legs over his face like he was settling in for the long night.

Uh no. I rolled up my latest issue of RWR and swatted him dead. Nice.

And for whatever reason there are some pretty large spiders hanging out in our house. I kill multiples every day. It's pretty gross.

Yes, we have pest control, but lately they suck. You have to call them to get them to come out and spray. I think I need to hire a new service.

We have a ton of frogs who live on our back patio so they help cut down on our bug population as well as pest control, but it's just not enough.

This has nothing to do with writing but I couldn't help but blog about it. The little boogers hang around my lamp at my desk every night so I thought I would pay homage to them.

How freakin' sad is that?