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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chest Hair

I happen to like it. I don't understand why men shave their chests. Well, I do understand I guess but I don't really like it. They want to show off their muscles, they think chest hair is "unclean." It's like some new trend or something.

Now I like a hairy chest, but it has to be medium hairy. Not too crazy, not too thick.

The reason I wanted to blog about this topic? Check out this guy!

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This picture doesn't do it justice. He just got engaged to one of the women from "Grey's Anatomy." He has the freakin' hairiest chest I've ever seen, and I've only seen the peek of hair coming out of his shirt! That thing looks like a thick rug! It looks CRAZY! If he held me close to his naked chest, I'm afraid I would choke and die!

Ok. Enough said. What's the opinion on men's chests - hair or no hair?