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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I hung out at Joyfully Reviewed yesterday. It was contemporary day for authors and it was swamped with excerpts, contests, excerpts and more excerpts.

Let me tell you, I read soooo many good excerpts! I can't believe how many great ebooks there are. Actually, I can believe it. I just hadn't faced the reality yet, I guess.

What I'm saying is there's a lot of talent in the epublishing ranks. I was literally reading samples from author's books and writing down the names of them so I can go buy them later. I also bought two. And I want to buy more. A LOT more. Which means I'm going to be broke, but I'll have some great reading material.

I'm just floored by the writing talent. The creative plots. Stuff that made me think, "Wow, wish I would've thought of that!" Just really impressive books.

You know, there's such a limited amount of room in the NY publishing houses. They only produce so many books per month, per year. And there's so many talented writers out there, so many people who would love to be in print with a NY house, but your chances are slim cos the slots are so few.

That's the great thing about ebooks. They are producing quality work in mass amounts. Which for us, as readers AND writers, is a plus. All the books to choose from to read, and so little time! All the publishers to submit to, whoo wee! It's wonderful!!

So today I sing the praises of ebooks. There are some pretty fantastic authors out there -- and some pretty great publishers too. And to think a year and a half ago I really didn't know much about them. I was missing out!

What's your overall impression of ebooks? Wave of the future? Gonna grow bigger and brighter or slowly die out? Personally, I think they're here to stay. But maybe I'm partial...