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Monday, July 24, 2006

Layin' Low

That's what I did this weekend. I had a lot of stuff to do and I desperately wanted to get it done, so I tried to limit my internet goof off time and got to work. It helped - I finished all of my blurbs, etc. for Haunted Dreams, worked on a lot of promo stuff for Release Me, but I didn't write hardly anything for the new one.

Oh, well. At least I got all of the other stuff done that's been hanging over my head.

I think it's really hit me that this writing this has turned into a business. It's a whole new ballgame when you're writing to sell and meet deadlines, vs. writing for your own pleasure and enjoyment. No pressure except for the self-imposed kind. It's a different experience, but one I am adjusting to.

Anybody else have email congestion? My gosh, I spent over an hour on Friday just cleaning up my email account. Ridiculous! But I printed a ton that I needed to keep and filed them all away. And I opened up a Gmail account. I need to separate the personal from the business. My Yahoo account was groaning with all of the emails coming at it.

Ok, this was a boring post but hey, this is what I did this weekend. What did YOU do this weekend?