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Monday, July 10, 2006

Divorce and Why I Write Romance

I stayed up too late Saturday night and it fried my brain for the rest of the weekend. Really. I went over to my girlfriend's house - she lives across the road. She and another friend were hanging out - they're the fresh divorcees of the group, so they've been lying low until recently. That whole "who gets the friends in the divorce" thing was hanging over their head and I told them I wasn't about to take sides. Just because my husband had known Anastasia's now ex-husband since they were 5 didn't mean I wouldn't hang with her.

Anyway, I went over there, had a few drinkies and did a bunch of man bashing. I didn't bash my husband - he's a good guy and I can't protest about him. No, I was bashing their ex-men along with them.

It's so sad to see what people do to each other when they split up. Mean stuff. That saying "there's a thin line between love and hate?" So true. This person you married and planned on sharing your life with, have children with, etc. - you're so in love with him/her it's almost sick.

Then stuff happens, you can't work it out anymore, you break up, you file the papers. You end up hating each other and do anything and everything you can to screw with their world.

My friend's ex came to their house when she was gone and took EVERYTHING. Every spoon, every piece of furniture, practically every decoration hanging on the wall. All of it. What's the point of that? So petty. And these two have children - children she took care of! So she's sitting in an empty house with their children and he won't give up a plate to her. Crazy.

So I stayed there til nearly 2 a.m. (!!!!) and woke up at 6 a.m. (!!!!) cos of my daughter. Went back to sleep but it wasn't good sleep. Hubby watched kids but they kept coming in and out of the room til I finally gave up. Hence the fried brain and the lack of writing this weekend.

After listening to all of this, I've decided that's why I like to write romance. Too much real world, everyone hates each other, divorce battles stuff can make you feel so depressed. I know this stuff goes on - hell, I've been divorced so I've lived it, but when faced with it every day, man - it sucks.

That's why writing a love story is so great. Let's you get caught up in the flush of first love. The rush of meeting someone new. Don't have to deal with too much b.s. cos you know the HEA is just around the corner. That's why I love reading it, too.

Why do you write/read romance?