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Monday, August 07, 2006

Family's a Comin'

My parents are coming to stay for the week, which is nice since my husband is out of town for business. My kids are excited to see their grandparents and I'm excited to have a couple extra sets of hands to help me out!

So I probably won't be around as much this week cos I'll be "entertaining." Plus, I should take everyone else's advice and lay off the internet for a while and actually get some quality writing done.

I should have been writing last night but what did I do? Surf a website, looking for cool backgrounds for my myspace page! How lame is that? And I stayed up way too late again, the baby didn't sleep good (he's normally the best sleeper ever - slept through the night when he was one month! Don't know what's wrong with him right now) and he slept with me which was AWFUL! So yet again I'm draggin' ass.

Wish me luck on the writing thing - hope you all have a productive week as well!